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Laptop Repair

Help / FAQ

1) How soon can you fix my laptop?
Depending upon the nature and complexity of the problem, we repair the defect within a short period of time

2) What laptop repair services do you offer?
We repair a comprehensive range of services ranging from general repairs to preventive maintenance.

3) Do you repair all sorts of laptops?
We do repairs on all makes and models of laptops including Toshiba, IBM, HP, Compaq, and Sony.

4) How much do you charge for laptop repairs?
We charge a nominal fee for all our laptop repair service, but this can vary considerably with the nature of the services you require. However we charge a minimum of 45.00 + VAT as Diagnostic Fee and Basic Repair fee of 45.00 + VAT.

5) Do you supply replacement parts or accessories for all branded and assembled laptops?
Yes, we supply replacement parts ranging from components in the circuitry board to entire system. One-year warranty is given on replacement or service parts.

6) How can I request for a laptop repair service?
You can report your laptop issues direct to London Laptop Troubleshooters through email, by phone, in person, or online.

7) Do you offer worldwide repair service?
Our service is only available nationally throughout the UK.

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